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Leri Footbridge Built with Strongwell’s Lightweight, Corrosion Resistant FRP

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Strongwell distributor and fabricator PIPEX Structural Composites Ltd. selected EXTREN® structural shapes, SAFPLATE® gritted plate and SAFPLANK® interlocking decking system for use in a 260 foot (80M) pedestrian footbridge over the River Leri in Wales, United Kingdom.

PIPEX supplied and fabricated the footbridge for Network Rail. The footbridge provides a safe means to cross the River Leri alongside an existing railway crossing.

The use of Strongwell’s lightweight fiberglass components afforded PIPEX the ability to fabricate the bridge in sections. Eleven sections of the footbridge were assembled and load tested at the Pipex fabrication facility in Plymouth, U.K., over an 18 week period. The largest section was 40 foot (12M) long and weighed 6,000 lbs. (2800kg), facilitating installation by roadrailer from the adjacent railway.

Connected to the existing railway’s wooden trestles, EXTREN® shapes were selected to construct the main structure and handrail of the bridge, while SAFPLANK® decking covered with gritted SAFPLATE® formed the walkway’s slip-resistant surface. The corrosion resistant FRP components were a smart choice for use near the moisture rich environment. Strongwell’s fiberglass products have a proven track record for being resistant to corrosion in fresh and salt-water environments.

This case study is courtesy Strongwell