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Pedestrian Bridge Deck – Huffman Prairie, OH

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Project Overview:

FRP Deck Manufacturer: Composites Advantage

Engineer of Record: Ohio DOT

Contractor: Mainline Road and Bridge

Owner: Greene County Parks, Ohio DOT


Project Description:

This FRP pedestrian bridge provides a crucial link in the Greene County bicycle trail system. The deck was assembled from four prefabricated sections into a single piece onsite, then lifted into position, creating a bridge measuring 142 feet by 12 feet. Each prefabricated panel measures 35 feet by 12 feet. The deck is 2.4 inches deep, and the total area of the deck surface is 1,704 square feet.

The products used in this installation were prefabricated FRP bridge deck panels, attached to a steel truss on longitudinal beams using mechanical fasteners and Z-clips. The surface of the bridge deck was coated with an epoxy aggregate non-slip coating.

Use of FRP for this project allowed the contractors to attach the deck to the superstructure as one piece, greatly reducing installation time and costs. The choice of materials also significantly reduced maintenance costs for the bridge owner.

Using FRP allowed guardrails to be pre-installed on the deck panels, further reducing installation time and costs.