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Wolf Trap Pedestrian Bridge – Vienna, VA

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Project Overview:

FRP Deck Manufacturer: Composites Advantage

Engineer of Record: FHWA – Eastern Lands

Contractor: Shirley Construction Company

Owner: Virginia DOT


Project Description:

This FRP pedestrian bridge crosses VA-267, the Dulles Toll Road, which divides the Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts in two.  The deck is divided into three spans measuring 150, 170, and 138 by 15.5 feet. Each prefabricated panel measures 8.3 feet by 15.5 feet. The deck is 3.5 inches deep, and the total area of the deck surface is 7,100 square feet.

The products used in this installation were 55 prefabricated FRP bridge deck panels, attached to a steel truss using mechanical fasteners and Z-clips. The surface of the bridge deck was coated with an epoxy aggregate non-slip coating.

Use of FRP was critical for this project as the bridge spans a ten-lane highway that provides the main access to the region’s largest airport, and road closures needed to be kept to a minimum. Using prefabricated sections allowed construction workers to install the bridges with only 15 minutes of road closure per span. Additionally, the bridge needed the strength to support a 20,000 pound emergency vehicle if necessary, and FRP was the ideal choice due to its high strength-to-weight ratio.

Using FRP allowed curbs and expansion joints to be pre-installed on the deck panels, reducing installation time and costs.