Since the mechanical properties of GFRP rebar differ from those of steel, design engineers should consider recommendations made in published design and construction design guide specifications and standards prior to using GFRP rebar in their structures

American Association of State Highway & Transportation Officials (AASHTO)

  • AASHTO GFRP-1: AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Guide Specifications for GFRP-Reinforced Concrete Bridge Decks and Traffic Railings

American Concrete Institute (ACI)

  • 440.1R-06: Guide for the Design and Construction of Structural Concrete Reinforced with FRP Bars
  • 440.5-08: Specification for Construction with Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Reinforcing Bars
  • 440.6-08: Specification for Carbon and Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Bar Materials for Concrete Reinforcement
  • 440.3R-12: Guide Test Methods for Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composites for Reinforcing or Strengthening Concrete and Masonry      Structures
  • 440.2R-08: Guide for the Design and Construction of Externally Bonded FRP Systems for Strengthening Concrete Structures
  • 440.7R-10: Guide for the Design and Construction of Externally Bonded Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Systems for Strengthening Unreinforced Masonry Structures

Canadian Standards Association (CSA)

  • CAN/CSA-S6-06: Fibre Reinforced Structures, Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code, pg.693-728
  • CAN/CSA-S806-02: Design and Construction of Building Components with Fibre-Reinforced Polymers