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Creative Pultrusions, Inc.

Creative Pultrusions, Inc. (CP) is The World’s Most Innovative Leader in the Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites Industry. Established in 1973, the company operates in Alum Bank, Pennsylvania and is now a subsidiary of The Hill & Smith Group. The Hill & Smith group is a construction and building products company, serving strong worldwide markets in transport, infrastructure, building and construction with over 20 subsidiaries. The Hill & Smith Group has a majority stake in various leading European and US business, enabling it to access global markets.

Our high-strength pultruded profiles are designed and manufactured to provide lasting performance in highly corrosive environments. Easily fabricated, the components offer corrosion resistance and light weight benefits when compared to wood or metal products.

Typical pultruded applications include: custom fiberglass structural shapes, standard fiberglass structural shapes, fiberglass decking and more.