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About Gordon Composites, Inc.

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Gordon Composites, Inc.

Gordon Composites, Inc. has spent more than 50 years continually developing the material science of pre-cured composites. This experience allows us to offer materials possessing a superior combination of performance and value that are unmatched in the industry.

Gordon Composites was founded by George, Don and Dave Gordon. The company’s first product was a Royal Gordon composite archery bow that quickly earned a reputation for superior performance among archery enthusiasts. The company continued to work on the development of composite technology and in 1975 started production with its first continuous laminate manufacturing process. By this time the company had stopped making finished archery equipment to focus on making high performance composite bow limbs for the archery industry. The company now provides its high performance laminates to all of the leading bow manufacturers.

The company has expanded its product line to include such diverse applications as high-performance sail battens watercraft ranging for wind surfers to racing yachts, springs for vibratory conveyors used extensively in the food industry, and reinforcements for infrastructure such as bridges and parking decks.