HC Bridge Company, LLC

About HC Bridge Company, LLC

Contact: John Hillman
Phone: 847-722-4072
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E mail: hillmanjr@hcbridge.com
Website: www.hcbridge.com

HC Bridge Company, LLC

HCB, Inc. markets and sells a revolutionary, patented beam that replaces traditional concrete and steel beams in highway bridges, railway bridges, marine structures and many other types of structures.  Our Hybrid-Composite Beam provides a superior solution by combining the low-cost and functional advantages of concrete and steel with the durability and flexibility of advanced composite materials.  The result is a cost competitive beam with an extended life that is also lighter weight for reduced installation costs.  We sell our Hybrid-Composite Beams directly to general contractors and other private and public entities for installation in major infrastructure projects.  The Company also licenses the sale of the product into foreign markets for similar applications.  The Hybrid-Composite Beam has already been recognized worldwide as the sustainable solution for the next generation of structures.