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Hughes Brothers, Inc.

Hughes Brothers was founded in 1921.  Our principle business is the manufacture of electrical high voltage cross-country transmission towers.   We are largely responsible for the construction of the electric utility grid in the USA and portions of Canada.  In the supply of high voltage towers, we utilize wood, steel and fiberglass materials for various functions in the support tower assemblies.   The production of our Aslan Fiber Reinforced Polymer bars is a growing portion of our business and directly related to our experiences in the production of FRP materials for use in electrical high voltage applications.

Our FRP rebar production began in 1993 and has been growing ever since.   We became heavily involved in the American Concrete Institute and various international code writing bodies and authorities.  Hughes Brothers has been intimately involved in all international standards, guides, methods and codes in the field of FRP bars for internal concrete reinforcing over the years.

In 2005, we formed a joint venture to produce our Aslan FRP materials in Asian called “Aslan Pacific”.  The joint venture was with a French partner and was headquartered in Hong Kong with a wholly owned foreign enterprise located in Guangzhou China.  After some early successes, including a large number of soft-eye projects, this operation unfortunately became insolvent and is no longer producing Aslan FRP materials under the direction of Hughes Brothers.

Aslan FRP materials continue to see wide spread adoption for a number of different uses.  Major application uses of Aslan GFRP bars include high bridges, ports, quays and seawall construction, elevated heavy rail construction such as the Miami Metro Rail and other rail projects.  Insulated precast sandwich wall panels and many other major public works projects.