Raw Energy Materials Corp.

About Raw Energy Materials Corp.

Contact: Don Smith
Phone: 954-270-9000
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E mail: don@rawenergytech.com
Website: newrebar.com

Raw Energy Materials Corp.

“Researching Alternative Ways” to bring structural products fabricated from sustainable “Eco” friendly “green” materials to the world.

Our products are predominately based on specific breeds of volcanic basalt rock processed into tenacious continuous basalt fibers suitable for structural purposes.

Our proprietary technology gives us the ability to arrange tendons of continuous basalt fiber for optimal strength, function and form, then structurally solidify fibers within a polymer matrix.

Operating under the RAW® brand, Armco offers a suite of low cost, hi performance non-rusting, non-conductive and non-toxic alternatives to the high carbon footprint of metals.

ARMCO’s featured products are the concrete reinforcement products: RockRebar™, RockStirrups™, RockStaples™ and RockDNA™.

ARMCO offers innovative high tech computer aided design with experience in low cost housing, infrastructure, wind turbine towers, blades, aquaponics and non-conductive solar components.