Transportation Structures Council Presents FRP Workshop at International Bridge Conference

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The Transportation Structures Council (TSC) will present a workshop entitled “Cost Effective Innovative Design and Construction of Bridge Structures Using FRP Composites at the 2014 International Bridge Conference (IBC) in Pittsburgh, PA. The TSC has been presenting and exhibiting at the IBC for 14 years, and has presented on such topics as the use of bridge decks, pedestrian bridges, rebar, concrete strengthening systems, marine piling, girders, and other specialty applications.

This year’s workshop will feature a wide variety of products and applications including FRP composites bridge deck panels, rebar, and innovative pedestrian bridges where the installations demonstrate economic equality and financial benefit when com-pared to traditional bridge construction materials and products. Details of the conference are included below:

International Bridge Conference 2014

Workshop W-2

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

1:00 – 4:00 pm

Daniel Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh, PA

Download a flyer with information on the workshop, including presentation descriptions and presenter information here.

More information on the workshop can be found here, or by emailing Andrew Huber at