ZellComp, Inc.

About ZellComp, Inc.

Contact: Dan Richards
Phone: 919-401-4000
Fax: 866-243-7884
E mail: dan.richards@zellcomp.com
Website: www.zellcomp.com

ZellComp, Inc.

ZellComp, Inc. designs and markets structural products made from fiber-reinforced composite materials, including the patented ZellComp® FRP decking system (which is available in several different depths and is ideal for decks of highway bridges, pedestrian bridges, subway platforms, parking structures, and offshore drilling platforms) and a patent-pending mudmat product for the oil and gas industry.

ZellComp’s most recent key accomplishment was providing the FRP deck for the Morrison Bridge in Portland, Oregon. At over 17,000 square feet, this is the largest FRP bridge deck ever installed in the United States and one of the largest in the world.

ZellComp’s unsurpassed experience in the area of high strength structural FRP products and its focus on quality, testing, and addressing the needs of the customer have led to innovative FRP products that are superior in price, design, and ease of installation.